Bletchley 360°

One of the initiatives of the New Computer Museum has been to experiment with how to bring computer history to more people through creating “virtual experiences.” You can find our example of a “Virtual Computer Museum” based upon our own collection on this site.

Of course, we are not the only ones to have experimented with the idea. For example, here’s a YouTube 360° tour of the Nexon Computer Museum in South Korea (it is in Korean).

You can also find numerous examples of virtual museum experiences reviewed on the New Computer Museum’s sister site, Cosma 3D, but few of those examples are as compelling as CNET’s initiative to bring Bletchley Park to VR.

Of course, most people familiar with this site will also be familiar with the story of Alan Turing and Bletchley Park, but if not, you can learn about it from Bletchley Park’s site, Wikipedia or check out the movie The Imitation Game.

So, CNET worked with Bletchley Park to create a compelling 3D/360 tour of the real life site that is now a museum in Milton Keynes. Here is the virtual tour that you can see as a YouTube 360° video on just the Web or with a VR headset (Cardboard, GearVR, etc.).

Better yet, they made a great “behind the scenes” too!

Finally, here’s a CNET story about the project.
Bletchley Park in 360: See inside Britain’s Enigma-breaking HQ (Luke Westaway, CNET)

Three cheers to CNET and Bletchley Park!

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