We are not an official non-profit and are not actively seeking more computers right now (because we don’t have a public location, yet). If you have old computer equipment or historical artifacts that you would like to donate or want advice about who might want them, please feel free to drop us an email, and we’ll be glad to help.

We have accepted a few items in the past, and we still solicit specific items for creating exhibits from time to time. These items are safely stored with the rest of the collection in a commercial storage unit in Cambridge at the present time. Efforts to secure a public location continue, and if/when that happens, everything will be moved and viewable.

We do pledge to try to follow the Classic Computer Collector’s Code of Conduct (CCCCC)

If you have an old Macintosh, please contact our partner for advice.

You might be surprised how much some highly prized “vintage” personal computers are worth. It doesn’t hurt to check eBay 🙂
How much are old home computers worth? (BBC News)

Old PCs
We strongly encourage you to recycle non-functioning, non-rare personal computers.
Here are some links to get you started. Please let us know if you know of others.

Recycle Computers 4-Cancer
Cambridge Recycling
Boston Computer Recycling
e-Waste Recyclers (NH)

Helpful Article
How to Dispose of Old Electronics (Natalie Houston, Chronicle of Higher Education)

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