Busy August!

It is August, and things are starting to warm up at the New Computer Museum! We are definitely going to be increasing the storage area and maybe the formality of the archive. If you have something that you want to contribute to the collections, please contact me at MEHopper@MEHopper.net. This Sunday morning at the Flea@MIT is the best time/place to arrange drop-offs. It is also a good time to just stop by, say hello and catch up. If you RSVP, we’ll know to watch for you. Please RSVP Here!

The New Computer Museum and Digital Den are also going to be sponsoring this new event.

Which way to the holodeck?
Friday, August 22, 2014
6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Microsoft NERD Center
1 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA

Have you heard? VR is back! Or is it? Is it hype or real? Can you really feel like you are walking around Paris, Egypt, the Moon or Mars from the comfort of your chair? Come find out, and better yet, try it! You will also hear about what is going on in the local area and even find out how to make your own VR experiences. Please RSVP Here!

As always, you can get updates about the New Computer Museum’s evolution at either event!

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