The New Computer Museum facilitates the preservation and exhibition of a wide range of computing systems in their original state for the public to experience and enjoy first-hand.

There have been many iterations of the initiative now known as the “New Computer Museum.” There is no permanent location (yet), but there are pilot events and prototype exhibits.


The New Computer Museum, and its sponsor Digital Den, hold computer history related events in the Boston area from time to time. Sign-up to become a member of the Meetup to get notifications of upcoming events: New Computer Museum Meetup


Announced Spring 2017 New England Wide Computer Collection Directory

Virtual Edition

Recent efforts have been directed towards constructing a “Virtual Edition” of the museum. The goal of this is to demonstrate the vision of what the “real” museum would look like. The exhibits in the 3D version all represent what will be in the actual museum when/if there is a physical space. The 3D application also stands on its own as a valuable educational experience. This is particularly true because of the extensive material included in the museum guide posted on this site (see menu). Finally, it is also a demonstration of how the new wave of 3D tools can be used in the context of education and museums.

The video below is a walk-through demo of the application. Notice that the posters and objects are links. The “title poster” in each exhibit links to the relevant page in the guide on this site, other posters link to relevant content on the web and objects link to interactive activities.

There is a high overlap between content in the application and and on this site, but there is not 100% correspondence. Review the museum guide on this site to find out more: New Computer Museum, Virtual Edition Guide

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3 comments on “Welcome
  1. Wow this is so neat. A computer museum is a great idea. Technology has come such a far way. I can remember how big computers used to be. Now I have a cell phone that has a quicker processor than my computer did 10 years ago. I loved the virtual tour. really neat concept. I think that a computer museum would be a great addition to the world of science. Help us understand how far tech has come in the last 70 years or so.

  2. al says:

    Cool…I want a computer museum ON MY COMPUTER…I can just take a VR tour whenever I like…kinda like running a vigo robot….

  3. Jeffrey Swann says:

    Looking to speak with someone about our Mobile Computer collection

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