Great visits!

Last weekend turned out to be a busy, wonderful time full of fun visits with other fellow East Cost computer museum folk.

First Mary Hopper ventured down to Providence to visit with Michael Umbricht and Dave Fischer at the Retro-Computing Society of Rhode Island for their regular monthly open house on the third Saturday of the month ( It was her first visit there, and it was very encouraging to see all of the excellent work they are doing to restore important systems like a Symbolics 3630 lisp machine and even a Cray J916! They are celebrating an impressive 20th anniversary this year, so maybe we can look forward to an announcement of a birthday party sometime — there will definitely be a Meetup for a field trip to attend that 🙂

2014-09-20 15.53.00
Dave Fischer and Michael Umbricht, Retro-Computing Society of Rhode Island

Then Sunday was September’s Flea@MIT day, and it was a particularly special one, because Lonnie Mimms of the Computer Museum of America was in town for a visit. Mary had the pleasure of introducing him to some local collectors and giving him a tour of some MIT computer history hot spots.

2014-09-21 09.14.01
Lonnie Mimms, Computer Museum of America

All in all, it was a beautiful weekend and a great culmination to a year of exploring the world of computer museums both near and far. It has been quite an adventure!

Be sure to join us for a Meetup in October after the Flea@MIT to celebrate, catch up and hear about plans and possibilities for next year…


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