Here are more resources about computer history!

Revolution: The First 2000 Years of Computing (Computer History Museum)
Timeline of Computer History (Computer History Museum)

History of computers (Georgi Dalakov)
History of computers, Sitemap (Georgi Dalakov)

History of computing (Wikipedia)
History of computing, Category (Wikipedia)
Retrocomputing (Wikipedia)
Timeline of computing (Wikipedia)

Retrocomputing (Wikipedia)
Computer collecting reddit
The Computer Collector

Great Computing Museums of the World (John Dupuis)
Computer Museums (Wikipedia)
Category:Computer museums (Wikipedia)

The Erwin Tomash Library on the History of Computing (IEEE Computer Society)
Charles Babbage Institute (CBI) Archives and Research Center

Vintage Computing Festivals (Wikipedia)
Vintage Computer Festivals (Web Site)

Carbons to Computers: Online Resources (Smithsonian Education)
History of Computing Syllabus Repository (SIGCIS)
The History of Computing (Dr. Slava Gerovitch, MIT Open Courseware, Spring 2004)

Computer History Resources (SIGCIS)

Books (ISBNdb), WorldCat, Library of Congress, UPenn Online Books, Open Library, DMOZ Open Directory Project

IEEE Annals of the History of Computing

ClassicCmp : Resource for enthusiasts of classic computer hardware, software, and documentation (Archive)

Computer Collecting (Reddit)
Vintage Computing (Reddit)
Computer History (Reddit)
RetroBattlestations (Reddit)

Check out the New England Wide Computer Collection Directory, too!

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