Greetings NEW Computer Museum Supporters!

Here is a quick update and invitation…

First, do not be fooled by the quiet — there is a lot happening behind the scenes with Digital Den’s work to sponsor the creation of a NEW Computer Museum. The search for funding and a more permanent location has intensified, and Mary Hopper is meeting with the representatives of many organizations in Cambridge this month. Many options for both funding and locations are being explored. Just one of the long-term options for a location is acquiring space in the Foundry Building that is owned by the City of Cambridge. The NEW Computer Museum is now on record as among the potential tenants for the building. You can watch the progress of this initiative at this web site:

Second, Digital-Den will hold a special event on Saturday, December 14th from Noon to 1 PM at Metropolitan Storage, 134 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge. This “Playtime” will feature hands-on demos of Digital Den’s unique interface collection — if all goes well, the new Oculus Rift will even be up and running! Please join the NEW Computer Museum Meetup if you have not already and RSVP…

Finally, thank you to everyone for your support over the last six months – it really has helped to make it likely that the Boston/Cambridge area will have a NEW Computer Museum by this time next year!


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