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If you download and look at the current version of the “Virtual Edition” of the New Computer Museum, you will quickly see that it is definitely a “draft.” There are a lot of “Under Construction” signs and only half of

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What’s up?

The New Computer Museum is in transition! Be sure to keep an eye on this site and the Meetup for an announcement about the new phase over the next week or two! Meanwhile, for a sneak peak of what’s about

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HNY Meetup

Happy NEW Year! I hope this finds everyone having had a wonderful holiday break, a great Happy New Year and very good luck weathering the recent New England Weather. Please join us for our first Meetup of 2014! Computer Museums:

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Sorry, the date of the next event is next Saturday, December 14th (not 4th!).

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Greetings NEW Computer Museum Supporters! Here is a quick update and invitation… First, do not be fooled by the quiet — there is a lot happening behind the scenes with Digital Den’s work to sponsor the creation of a NEW

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