New Computer Museum Updates!

Here are a few quick updates to ring in the New Year!

First, there is a new version of the New Computer Museum application available to download (updated 12/21/15). The application runs on Windows 7/8, and you can download it from the New Computer Museum web site (http://www.newcomputermuseu.org).

Second, this new video shows a quick walk-through of the application. Notice that all of the posters and objects link to interesting content or interactive activities.

Third, as many of you know, the winter months are the slow season for computer history buffs in the Boston area, but the 2016 season is already coming together.

The next Swapfest is April 17th. Here’s a PDF of the poster for the season:

Click to access swapfest-2016.04.pdf

Finally, watch for some good news from us this spring as well.

Happy New Year!

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